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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CMAC West Summer Seminar 2011, Waterton Lakes

CMAC West Summer Seminar 2011 in Waterton Lakes, Alberta was an amazing training weekend! We were very fortunate to have trained in the mountains, with absolutely beautiful weather and under the guide of wonderful instructors. 

A few “Thank You’s!” on behalf of Oku Damashi Martial Arts:

Thank you so much to Sensei Dixon for coming out and holding a truly magnificent seminar for the students of Oku Damashi Martial Arts! Oku Damashi students are grateful for the time and energy you put into making the seminar such a huge success. We are incredibly privileged to have gotten instruction from a Director who provided a magnitude of insight into the various styles of martial arts we trained over the weekend. We appreciate your hard work, and hope that you will visit the West again soon.

Thank you to Senpai Tisdall for your help and hard work during the seminar weekend! Oku Damashi Martial Arts appreciates the time you took to work with the groups as well as the individuals throughout the course of the seminar weekend. Your role as an Uke really made the drills and Bunkai come to life! We hope to get to work with you again in the future.

Thank you to Ms. Crawley for coming to Waterton and working with the students of Oku Damashi Martial Arts. We are lucky to have the weekend so completely documented because of all the wonderful  pictures you took. Your commitment to the martial arts is inspiring, and we hope that you come out and train with Oku Damashi again soon.

Last, but certainly not least…

Thank you to Sensei Thankachen whose efforts made the CMAC West Summer Seminar possible. We are incredibly honoured to have a Sensei whose dedication to her students and Dojo is extremely admirable. We continue to be inspired by your passion as both a Sensei and as a student. You’re eagerness to learn is what creates such wonderful energy for our Dojo. Thank You!

The students of Oku Damashi Martial Arts who participated in the CMAC West Summer Seminar 2011 were lucky to have spent a weekend under the instruction of Sensei Dixon of CMAC Beaches in the breathtaking surroundings of Waterton Lakes. The three days were action packed, fun and extremely educational! Sensei Dixon led the group through new forms such as 8 Palms, Hard Chi Kung and Shattering Palm, as well as new Bo drills, Bo katas and three Tai Chi sets. We also worked the 18 Hands and learned new Bunkai applications. It is always an incredible opportunity to receive instruction by any CMAC Instructor as each person brings different knowledge and experience to the table. Training in a setting such as Waterton is very rare and creates a completely altered energy within the group than training in the Dojo. If you ever get the chance to train at a CMAC West Seminar you should take advantage of the opportunity! 

To see pictures from the Seminar, please check out our Flickr album!