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Monday, May 30, 2011

CMAC West Seminar and Black Belt Grading

Oku Damashi Martial Arts just finished a wonderful and exciting Seminar and Black Belt Grading weekend!

A few "Thank You's!" on behalf of Oku Damashi Martial Arts:

Thank you so much to Senpai Globe for leading a very educational and inspiring Seminar weekend, and for coming out on behalf of CMAC to hold the Grading. Oku Damashi Martial Arts truly appreciates all the hard work and time you put into the weekend to make the Seminar and Grading such a huge success. 

Thank you to Sensei Bassels for assisting in the Seminar and for helping lead the Black Belt Grading. It is always a privilege to have Directors from Toronto come out to work with the students of Oku Damashi Martial Arts. We appreciate your continuous presence during our Seminars.  

Thank you to Sensei Sukys for your help and time during the Seminar and the Grading.  Especially for offering your knowledge and support to all the Grading Candidates in the time leading up to the grading as well as throughout the weekend. 

Thank you to Senpai Thankachen for assisting throughout the Grading as well as during the Seminar. Oku Damashi Martial Arts is grateful to have a Senpai in the Dojo as dedicated and helpful as you are. Your help in the months leading up to the Grading is greatly appreciated!

Thank you to Erin Shackleton and all the volunteers who came out to help set up for the Grading!

     Last but definitally not least:

Thank you to Sensei Tammy Thankachen for continually being a wonderful representative of Goju Ryu and for sharing your love and knowledge of the Martial Arts wholeheartedly with your students. Your dedication to Goju Ryu, and the spirit of Martial Arts is truly inspiring.

To the Grading Candidates:

Congratulations on such a strong Grading! The students and their families of Oku Damashi Martial Arts are incredibly proud of all the hard work you did this weekend. Everyone did such an amazing job and the level of Kime you all brought to your Grading was incredible! It was an honour to have been a witness on such an important day in your Martial Arts journeys.  You should all be proud of yourselves!

You all embodied Sensei Gogen Yamaguchi’s:

“Five Secrets of Japanese Goju Ryu”
Move quickly.
Sound, calm mind.
Be light in body.
Have a clever mind.
Master the basics."

Again, Congratulations to Sensei Tammy Thankachen who graded for her San Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt) As well as to Alex Warbeck and Ryan Meisinger who both Graded for their Sho Dan (1st Degree Black Belt)
You made Oku Damashi Martial Arts PROUD!