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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Karma Kids Update

Our Karma Kids have been working extremely hard putting together a play titled "A Day In the Life Of the Ocean", they have had full creative imput to this and want to send out a message to all that if our ecosystem in the ocean is disrupted then we all will have to suffer the consequences.  The play will be at the dojo on Earth Day......time will be announced shortly.  Also we have asked special permission from Senpai Duft to use her book "I Live In The Ocean" to inform everyone about Dolphin captivity, the kids will be doing an adaption to her book with a narrative to bring insight and informative information to all.  This is an exciting time for the dojo and the Karma Kids so please make sure to come out and support them.  I am extremely proud of all the Karma Kids (Gemma, Chloe F, Chloe S, Patrick, Catherine, Luke G, Kaleb, Luke E, Samantha, Ashleigh, Holly, Drew, Callyn, Talisa, Evan, Quinn, Kayla, Shaun, Tyson, Jeremy, Andrew, Skylar, Emma, Kyle and a special thanks to the biggest Karma Kid......Kelsey, thank you so much for all your time and help with the kids, I really appreciate it) who continue everyday to make a difference and help our community, earth and animals, they all have such wonderful energy and it's my pleasure to see them stand up and have a voice for what is right.

For those who are curious about participating in Karma Kids it is a great extracurricular activity, which is seperate from the Karate program, and it works to educate youth on the importance of community activism and pride! If you have inquiries regarding the Karma Kids, please check out our Karma Kids page or talk to Sensei.