Classical Martial Arts Center ~ Oku Damashi Dojo ~ Is located in the town of Langdon, AB Canada. Our Style is Goju Ryu Karate, a traditional Japanese Martial Art instructed by Sensei Tammy Thankachen. Come on out and try a class! Energize your life!

Friday, January 7, 2011


        SAIT invited us to participate in a interactive demo for their International Students Week/Fair. A special thanks to: Arek Thankachen, Ryan Meisinger, Bryan Gilliland, Steve Zambory, Erin Shackleton, Leigh-Anne Sinclair and Kelsey Cunningham as they came out to support the Dojo and demonstrate Kata, Tai Chi, Kobudo and some punch/kick combos for a crowd of over 100 students in the Heart Building. After the demonstrations we invited members of the audience to come up and try out some techniques on the kicking shields and focus mitts, plus teach them some self defenses behind the techniques. 

It was an excellent way to get word out about the traditions of Goju, showcase our Dojo and give back to the community. 

Everyone who participated had a great time and needless to say the demo was a huge success!